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Home Care Franchise for Sale: Getting Started in the Industry

Home Care Franchise for Sale

We live in a nation that values and rewards hard work, and one which was formed with an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a business approach that makes franchising a natural fit for many of us, and it can make a home care franchise for sale a natural next move.

A home care franchise for sale like Assisted Living Locators is part of an industry on the rise and has a business model geared to support both our owners and the communities they serve. We’ve assembled a team of experts to help us lead the field and a buildout and training process that focuses on owner development.

It’s a way of doing business that’s made Assisted Living Locators a brand to watch. And becoming an owner with us can be a simple, step-by-step process.

Here’s how to join a franchise with the community in mind, and help shape the future of the assisted-living industry.

Start with a "Big Picture" View of the Industry

Any journey begins with a first step, an initial entry into a new world. The path to becoming an owner of a home care franchise for sale starts with a review of the field at large.

Taking a “big-picture” look at the industry is an essential part of the franchising process, no matter the business. It allows potential owners to get an overall view of the market, growth record, and expected performance in the future.

Home care franchises for sale are in the assisted-living industry, which has been part of the U.S. landscape for decades. It’s an evergreen and largely recession-proof business, with a growing pool of potential clients.

The industry has seen consistent growth for years. And as the current population ages and begins to look for assisted living options, the business is projected to continue its expansion. That could make it a smart option for many future owners.

Learn About the Brand

After delving into the industry and getting a feel for the potential of a home care franchise for sale in today’s business climate, prospective owners can get more specific.

Each brand within an industry has its own way of doing business, with a particular take on how to work with clients. That’s a good thing — it allows for variety and encourages healthy competition, and gives customers meaningful choices from which to select to help influence how the industry evolves.

The franchise review is where Assisted Living Locators can stand out, too. We’ve developed a network of facilities that allows us to find our clients some of the best possible living situations, whatever their needs. The facilities pay the placement fees, making our services free of charge to our customers.

It’s a business approach that keeps the process as simple and painless as possible for the people we serve, and which positions us for future growth.

Meet the Franchise Team

The final step in the “getting to know you” process of a potential franchise owner’s journey is the meetup with the franchise team. This is an important moment and a key point for all parties.

For Assisted Living Locators, Discovery Day is a must. It allows us to connect with prospective owners looking for a home care franchise for sale and lets us determine how well we might work together.

During Discovery Day, future owners meet Angela Olea, founder of our franchise, as well as members of senior leadership. We learn about each potential owner, and we detail our business philosophy and approach to our clientele with them.

Discovery Day helps us find the right folks to run the franchise, and gives all parties the confidence that they can work together in the future. And it lets us narrow the field to serious potential owners who share our vision and are ready to move forward with us.

Build Out, Train Up, and Start Serving Your Community

The first few steps in the franchise ownership process can be intensive and are essential parts of the whole. But the fun stuff comes next.

After learning as much as possible about the franchise, and connecting with the brand’s leadership, it’s time to get ready to open the doors and start serving the public. For Assisted Living Locators franchise owners, that means working with us to get up and operational.

We provide the training, technology, and network of facilities to help our owners move from “home care franchise for sale” to serving clients in as short a time as possible. We’ll help owners get the word out about the new franchise, and our customer relationship management tools give them what they need to develop their client base.

Our take on the senior home care franchise keeps the priority on the people who come to us for assistance, and prioritizes the personal touch in all situations.

Assisted Living Locators Has Home Care Franchises for Sale Today

The ownership process can seem complex for folks looking into home care franchises for sale. But it’s a simple, step-by-step experience that can take a person from an interested inquirer to a new owner of an Assisted Living Locators franchise.

Assisted Living Locators has industry know-how, compassion, and a drive to find the best situation for every person who comes to us. We keep costs off the client and provide flexible placement options in an honest, open, ethical manner.

Assisted Living Locators client-first services have helped us grow to more than 100 locations across the country, and we’re preparing to expand again.

Want to join us, and lead the industry with a new approach to home care placement? Contact us today, and start your own journey with us!

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Angela Olea

Angela Olea is a visionary and accomplished business leader in the senior care industry. She is a respected authority on franchising, elder care and senior placement, serving as a guest speaker at state and national aging conferences. In 2019, Angela received the honor of Top 50 Most Influential Women's in Arizona and the Visionary Award from Az Business Magazine.

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