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About Assisted Living Locators

It’s not very often a company can say they’re responsible for changing the landscape of their industry.

Assisted Living Locators did just that for senior care placement franchises.
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The Beginning of an Era for Senior Care Placement Franchises

Meet Angela Olea, the CEO of Assisted Living Locators, a pioneer in senior care who is dedicated to helping families find the best resources for their aging loved ones. Angela started her journey in senior care in 2003 as a registered nurse, where she witnessed the uncertainty that many families experienced while caring for their aging parents

Through her extensive network and expertise in senior care, Angela provided personalized guidance and resources to help families avoid unnecessary readmissions to hospitals and find the exact care their loved ones needed, improving their quality of life.

However, Angela didn't stop there. She realized that many families were burdened with the high costs of senior care, and she wanted to change that. Angela worked with care providers to shoulder the cost of her services, a move that disrupted the industry and pioneered a new way of handling senior care.

Today, Angela Olea and Assisted Living Locators continue to be leaders in senior care, providing families with personalized support, guidance, and resources, making senior care more affordable and accessible to all.

A Senior Care Placement Franchise Opportunity

With 10,000 Americans turning 65 each day in the United States, there’s a significant uptick in demand for elder care that’s only going to grow.

While the name Assisted Living Locators includes “assisted living,” we do much more than match seniors with housing. We pair people with care providers at all levels of need, from those who require only a little help to those who need care for greater concerns and memory care.

Often, when a family is in need of help for an aging parent, they’re not even sure where to start. With Assisted Living Locators, we make the process simple for our clients.

The best part is that it doesn’t cost them anything! Our senior care placement franchise model is set up so that the care providers pay our fees for client matching once the clients choose which providers will most benefit them.

An Award-Winning, Affordable Investment

A senior care placement franchise opportunity with Assisted Living Locators is one of the most affordable investments an entrepreneur can make.

We’re one of only 97 franchises to qualify for Franchise Business Review’s Top Low-Cost Franchises list in 2019.

Other awards and accolades for Assisted Living Locators:
Inc 5000 for 2019, 2020, 2021
Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchise for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Franchise Dictionary’s Top 100 Game Changers for 2019, 2020, 2021
senior care placement franchise opportunity
rewarding franchise career
Assisted Living Locators is a true pioneer of the senior care placement franchise industry, and we have the accolades to show for it.

It’s one reason we’ve grown to 140+ franchise locations nationwide. We’re not only changing our clients’ lives, but also those of our franchisees.
If you’re looking for a rewarding career where you can:
change people’s lives for the better
build the senior care placement franchise resources in your community
create a promising future for yourself
Then Assisted Living Locators could be the perfect investment!
Are you ready to join us? We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Contact us today to get started!

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