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An Opportunity to Thrive with Assisted Living Locators

At Assisted Living Locators, we value our veteran franchisees and the perspective they bring to our business. Veterans can often forge unique connections with many of our clients and their families that cannot be achieved any other way. Some bonds are formed through the uniform, and they transcend many other types of relationships.

Not only that, Assisted Living Locators is proud to offer veterans training and support in running their own successful veteran franchise business, which can be run out of your own home. We emphasize strong values, client relationships, and compassionate care—qualities veterans inherently hold dear—and we provide all the tools our franchisees need through extensive training and resources to achieve those attributes.

Whether you’re a veteran seeking your next challenge or looking for a meaningful venture, Assisted Living Locators can be both. Our franchise model is one of the most affordable available, made even more so by the discount we offer veterans on our franchise fee. We love seeing our franchisees reach their goals, and it’s extra rewarding when that franchisee is a veteran.

The Veteran Experience is Unequaled

There’s no two ways about it—the experiences veterans have gained cannot be duplicated by any other means.

Running a business takes all kinds of experiences, and the more you have, the more adept you are. This is likely why veterans are highly skilled at operating their own veteran franchises. Given there are unique parallels between veteran healthcare and the senior care space, much of that experience is invaluable.

Assisted Living Locators is actively seeking veteran franchise owners to operate locations across the country. Why? Because we believe connections made between veterans and clients can be deeper. We also see networking between veterans and care providers as a powerful conduit that may help many of our clients who are veterans themselves.

Veterans make an ideal fit as well thanks to a strong work ethic, discipline, and a deeply ingrained desire to serve others.

Connecting with Our Veteran Franchise Owners

One of our most motivating factors for working with veterans is our desire to make connections with others.

Each veteran franchise owner for Assisted Living Locators knows they are never alone in their business venture, not only because they have the all-star leadership team behind them, but also because they make new connections with clients and care specialists every day.

Not only do we at Assisted Living Locators give our veteran franchise owners all the tools of support they may need—including our quick start system, comprehensive training, webinars, and extensive marketing collateral and our technology tools, including a custom CRM database—but we provide an 8-week coach-guided program with a strategic launch plan to get them working as quickly as they can.

Our resources are unparalleled, and we’re here for our franchisees, veteran and non-veteran alike.

Teamwork to Build Up Our Veteran Franchises

Assisted Living Locators didn’t become the brand we are today by ourselves. Our desire to help seniors is shared by others in the elder care industry and we work together to pair our clients with the right resources.

No one understands the value of teamwork quite like a veteran.

Teamwork is an essential element of the Assisted Living Locators franchise model, and working with others is a veteran’s speciality. That’s a big part of why we believe veteran franchise owners succeed with the Assisted Living Locators franchise.
With Assisted Living Locators, we all work together to:
Reach a common goal for our clients to achieve the larger mission of an easier life with help where they require it
Build mutual cooperation between clients and care providers
Make daunting tasks doable for families by tackling concerns one step at a time
Pairing the right people for the right tasks so each step is completed for the best outcomes for the clients

Advantages for Veterans Owning an Assisted Living Locators Franchise

Here are just a few key benefits for veteran franchise owners with Assisted Living Locators

Quick start time

From signing to open, you’re running your franchise as soon as your training is complete, and you have a coach-guided strategic launch plan to make that happen.

No office lease required

You can work from the comfort of your own home, coworking space, or be completely mobile if that suits you! For veterans who may have specific requirements of their location, this is an ideal situation.

Increased income potential

Because you’re not tied to specific office space, you may be mobile enough to go to your clients rather than them coming to you, which allows you to schedule as many client visits as you’re able. The more clients you can reach, the more potential income you have.

Customer convenience

Many Assisted Living Locators clients have mobility issues, which makes travel difficult. Meeting them when and where they need is especially helpful and convenient for clients and their families, and facilitates the relationship that much more.

Growth opportunity

Being free of a brick-and-mortar location also offers the freedom from boundaries, so you can grow your service area where the available market takes you!
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