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We have answers to the most common things people ask about the Assisted Living Locators senior care placement franchise!
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How did Assisted Living Locators Pioneer the Senior Care Placement Franchise Business Model?
Angela Olea changed how we help seniors and their families by removing the burden of cost from their shoulders. You, as the facilitator between client and care provider, are compensated by the care providers whom your clients eventually choose.

With offices nationwide, Assisted Living Locators is a recognized brand more Americans can turn to as the need for senior housing and care options grows. An estimated 75% of people will need help after the age of 70. As an Assisted Living Locators franchisee, you can enhance their lives while running your own business with the training and support of our experienced leadership team behind you.
What Are the Key Benefits of Owning a Senior Care Placement Franchise?
One of the first benefits potential franchisees note is the low-cost initial investment requirement. There is also very low overhead, as franchisees are free to work where they’re comfortable. There’s no requirement for an office, and no employees to be hired as long as franchisees can handle the work of serving their clients themselves. Ninety-five percent of current Assisted Living Locators franchise owners work from their own homes and are quite happily able to conduct the work needed without hiring additional staff.
How Much Does the Assisted Living Locators Senior Care Placement Franchise Cost?
The initial investment estimate ranges between $74,235 and $94,459. This includes the $49,900 franchise fee.

Franchise Business Review identified Assisted Living Locators as one of only 97 franchises to qualify for the 2019 Top Low-Cost Franchises list!
Where and How Long is the Initial Training?
New franchisees will attend our senior care placement franchise training program for 5 days. It’s typically held in sunny Scottsdale, AZ, though during recent uncertain times, we’ve held the training remotely where applicable. Franchisees will meet our staff and learn first-hand how our franchise system works and find its place within the senior care industry.
What is the Term Length of a Franchise Agreement?
The initial franchise agreement term is 10 years. There are options for two additional renewal terms of 5 years each. Other senior care placement franchise competitors have 5-year and 15-year terms with their contracts, but our franchisees have found our 10-year franchise term is just right.
What Training and Support Programs Do You Offer?
Your success is our success, so we’re equally invested in your senior care placement franchise. Our quick start system means you hit the ground running as soon as you complete training. Franchisees have access to webinars and in-person training that covers a vast number of subjects that sharpen their skills and widen their knowledge base.

We also host an annual conference packed with information, networking opportunities, and entertainment. From marketing, training, and ongoing coaching, Assisted Living Locators provides everything an exceptional franchise model needs to stand apart.
What Marketing Support and Programs Do You Offer?
Assisted Living Locators provides franchisees with a customized public relations and community outreach package in an 8-week coach-guided process and strategic launch plan. Our extensive collateral is part of our strategic marketing support package. Franchisees get everything they need to maintain a cohesive marketing message with the Assisted Living Locators brand nationwide. Our national lead generation program helps you increase your marketing presence and locate potential new clients. We also offer comprehensive franchise support with a custom CRM database, answering service, twice-monthly ongoing training, and on-site field support. Become part of the Assisted Living Locators organization while having the freedom to run your business!
What is the Typical Day of a Franchisee?
While each day involves unique experiences and new people, you’ll consult with seniors and their families regularly. You’ll gain a complete picture of their lifestyle, personality, and care needs. With your knowledge and network of local housing and care options, you’ll provide them with guidance to take advantage of the right resources. At each day’s end, you’ll have made a difference in someone’s life while your business grows. You’ll also network with local referral partners to build your lead flow with techniques honed during your Assisted Living Locators guided training. Each day is rewarding, and you’re in charge of your future while helping people live their best during their sunset years.
What are the Costs, Fees, and Financing Options?
Assisted Living Locators is often touted as one of the most affordable franchises available, with its initial investment estimated at under $100,000. There is an ongoing royalty fee schedule described in detail in the FDD, which can be summarized as 8% of gross collected revenue.

Assisted Living Locators does not provide franchisees with financing. However, because we’re in business across the country and networking is what we do, we may provide names for reputable financial institutions that can assist with financing.

Franchise Business Review identified Assisted Living Locators as one of only 97 franchises to qualify for the 2019 Top Low-Cost Franchises list!
Do Franchisees Need Prior Industry Experience to Open This Franchise?
A big heart and the drive to help others are more of an asset than prior experience. If you bring the heart and some business acumen, we teach the rest. No experience is necessary.
How Long Does it Take to Open a Franchise?
As soon as your training is complete, you can get started! That’s another powerful benefit of the Assisted Living Locators senior care placement franchise model; get working to help others sooner than you think.
Do You Offer Any Discounts?
The perspectives of Veterans and Registered Nurses (RNs) offer a unique addition to the Assisted Living Locators senior care placement franchise model. Not only is the experience of these individuals often relatable for our clients, but the community connection reaches a depth we all cherish. We’re happy to give Veterans and RNs a 10% discount on our franchisee fee, providing them the opportunity and support to become thriving entrepreneurs through our franchise business model
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