Franchise Ownership FAQs | Assisted Living Locators

Frequently Asked Questions
About Franchising

  1. Neither we, nor any Affiliate, offers direct or indirect financing to franchisees for any of these items.
  2. See Item 5 of this Disclosure Document for a discussion of potentially available discounts.
  3. This fee estimates your cost to purchase a telephone system, computer hardware and initial license fees for certain software and access to a facility database. It also includes the $495 set-up fee for ALL-IN and the development of your personalized landing page that is on our website. For additional information on your computer hardware and software, see the Section entitled “Computer System” in Item 11 of this Disclosure Document.
  4. Assisted Living Locators is a home-based business, we do not anticipate that many franchisees will purchase or lease an office or commercial facility for purposes of operating the business. However, a few of our franchisees have elected to do so. Since we do not have any standards or specifications for offices or commercial facilities, we cannot estimate the costs. If you establish a separate office or commercial facility, your initial investment will increase.
  5. You must obtain your Certified Senior Advisor certification within 6 months after opening. We have negotiated a discounted fee for the certification program.
  6. This estimates your expenses during the first 3 months of operation. These expenses include payroll costs (excluding any wage or salary paid to you), monthly licensing fees paid to third parties, telephone expenses, utilities, and other miscellaneous expenses and working capital.
  7. These figures are based on the purchase of an initial Assisted Living Locators franchise. Your costs will be less if you are purchasing a second franchise. These figures are estimates based on the past experience of CALL in operating its business in Arizona. We cannot guarantee that you will not encounter additional expenses in starting your Business. Your costs will depend on a variety of factors, including how closely you follow our methods and procedures, your management skills, experience and knowledge, the local real estate market, the local demand for assisted living placement services, the prevailing wage rate, competition, and the sales level achieved during the initial period. We strongly recommend that you obtain independent estimates on all of your start up and continuing operation costs for your Assisted Living Locators