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Support. It’s one of the biggest reasons we do what we do. We want to support seniors in their golden years and give their families the resources to feel they’re supporting their loved ones.
Of course, it stands to reason we’d give just as much encouragement, collaboration, backing, and technological assistance as we can to our senior care franchise owners.

Selecting elder care provisions or even knowing where to start and who to contact can be daunting. By paving the way for families seeking aid for their aging loved ones, we can simplify the process and give guidance that makes a true impact.

In addition, Assisted Living Locators senior care franchisees build relationships across their communities to fill gaps in knowledge where elder care is concerned, which can strengthen the entire community for the better. What a rewarding way to develop your business!
How Senior Care Franchise Support Works

How Senior Care Franchise Support Works

As soon as you sign the franchising agreement for your own senior care franchise with Assisted Living Locators, you join our franchise family! We begin right away to set your training in motion; the sooner you finish training, the sooner you can open for business!

New franchisees attend our senior care placement franchise training program for 5 days, which is typically held in Scottsdale, AZ. There have been occasions, particularly during times of uncertainty, where we’ve held the training remotely as needed. Specific arrangements will be made at the time of your signing.

This high-intensity training maximizes your learning and minimizes the time it takes to master the subject and become an expert by immersing you in a real-life, real-time situation. You’ll learn first-hand what it takes to smoothly run your senior care franchise business.

Assisted Living Locators also provides our franchisees with an extensive collection of professionally designed brand collateral aimed at creating awareness around your senior care franchise business and help you promote your services in your community.

Cutting-Edge Features

In addition to this, you’ll be given a technology platform called Assisted Living Locators Integrated Network (ALL-IN™). This proprietary  system is our integrated toolset that’s been custom designed for the senior care franchise and assisted living placement industry.
Training videos to assist with matching clients, properties, and care providers, including comprehensive forms to parse information
CRM (customer relationship management) toolkit to build contacts and referral network as well as manage daily tasks like invoicing, reporting, and client tracking
Business intelligence that enables analysis of clients, caregivers, and referral sources so you maximize your performance, relationships, and business growth

Centralized database uniting all Assisted Living Locators franchises across the country, giving each franchisee insights at regional and national levels that wouldn’t be obtainable on their own

Scalability to support your growth as you add clients and resources

Start Helping Seniors and Their Families Faster with Our Quick Start System

Being able to start quickly is one of the best features of an Assisted Living Locators franchise. Our Quick Start System puts you in front of 50 care facilities in your community in just a few short weeks! How’s that for fast?
In-person training:
Make the most of your time with our comprehensive 5-day training program. We’ve streamlined the process, so you’re ready to go as an expert in just one week. But if that seems fast, we also have our next step.
Marketing training:
Our extensive marketing and advertising support involve a range of professionally designed branding collateral that enhances and maintains our strategic message for consistency across our national franchise.
8-Week coaching:
It’s about support, not speed, so each franchisee has a coach for an additional 8 weeks of individual training. This hands-on support helps you market your franchise and set up your business systems to strategically launch your senior care franchise with the right expertise. You’ll have continued consultations, and group meetings, and we’ll help you address any challenges you face.
Integrated Network:
Our technology platform ALL-IN™ is an integral toolset to help you build and manage your referral network, clients, reporting, invoicing, and your business as you grow.
The senior care franchise model Assisted Living Locators has built is one of mutual support among franchisees, not competition. Our territories are protected, and we are much better at lifting each other up for success and cooperation.
If you’re an entrepreneur with strong ethics looking for achievements like Inc. 5000, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchise (five years running), and Franchise Dictionary’s 100 Game Changers (three years in a row), then Assisted Living Locators may be what you’ve been waiting for!

Assisted Living Franchise Solutions that Aren’t Simply Placements in Nursing Homes are Vital for Families

At Assisted Living Locators, we don’t only find placements for seniors in elderly care homes.

In 2003, Angela Olea grew frustrated in her capacity as a registered nurse by witnessing her patients go through unnecessary hospital readmissions. She knew there were care providers from whom these patients could have received services and avoided the hospital stays if only they’d been matched in time. Those care providers would have been happy to help had they only known about the patients.

So Angela changed the assisted living franchise game by creating Assisted Living Locators, the business that makes the matches between seniors and care providers. Now, those needing elder care can find what they need without going through excess difficulty or unnecessary hospitalizations.

It’s not even about finding living solutions, though that is part of Assisted Living Locators’ family of services. It’s about finding solutions that seniors and their families feel good about, and they don’t need to pay a dime to benefit.

Is Assisted Living Locators the Assisted Living Franchise For You?

We’re seeking entrepreneurs who are great at cultivating relationships, are passionate about helping others, and want to make a difference in their communities. Are you a problem solver who’s comfortable making decisions and is a dedicated life-long learner?

Then Assisted Living Locators may be perfect for you!

We’ve averaged upwards of 20 new franchise owners every year for nearly 20 years now to become one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchises for five years running. We’ve also been named to the magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Franchises in 2020, and 2021.

In addition, Franchise Dictionary has named us among their Top 100 Game Changers for 2019, 2020, and 2021.

We are an assisted living franchise on the rise. If you match the qualities of our best franchise owners above, then we’d love you to join our franchise family!
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