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Meet Our Founder and Brand President – Angela Olea

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Pioneering an Industry and Helping People Enhance Their Lives

Angela Olea met many families facing questions for how to care for aging parents when she was a registered nurse. She also grew frustrated by seeing patients undergo unnecessary hospital readmissions when they lacked support by their community.

Through her work, Angela knew solutions were more complex than finding the nearest care facility. She was also aware of all the care and living options available in her hometown through networking with care providers. As she personally got to know seniors and their families, she was able to offer advice for care that best fit their individual needs.

Of course, cost was a concern for many families. Angela was able to negotiate placement fees paid by the facilities themselves, which enabled her to offer her expertise to seniors and their families at no cost!

This winning strategy was the beginning of Assisted Living Locators. Angela’s business model:
Lifted the burden from the families
Created solid, compassionate matches between seniors and quality care that improved their living situations
Compensated Angela and her knowledgeable franchisees for their matchmaking skills

How does Angela Olea's work in assisted living franchises compare?

Today, Angela continues that legacy of passion and compassion as the Founder and CEO for Assisted Living Locators, a company that has grown to more than 140 locations across the U.S.

We continue to serve communities, seniors, and their families with in-home care, independent retirement options, assisted living communities, and memory care with the same goals as Angela had when she started—one match at a time.

Angela Olea has been named one of “The Most Influential Women in Arizona Business for 2019” by AZ Business Magazine, and Assisted Living Locators has been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top 500 Franchise for five consecutive years. The company has also been in Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchises Report, and in Franchise Dictionary’s Top 100 Game Changer Franchises.

Angela Olea has kept her momentum going, continuing to share her mission of helping seniors match with the right kind of home care to maintain a quality standard of living. Throughout this mission, Angela has been mentioned by:

As Assisted Living Locators’ visionary founder, Angela has built the company into a nationally acclaimed home care franchise powerhouse.

Assisted Living Locators remains at the top of the industry largely through Angela’s efforts to maintain a standard of business practices that shine through in the top-notch training and support of franchisees, state-of-the-art technology, and high level of compassion with which clients are treated.

Communities in which Assisted Living Locators are located begin to build a network of services and care practices that tend to our aging populations that weren’t previously in place.

Caring for our elderly is something that should not be overlooked, and Angela’s inspiring practices and vision are addressing the gaps in senior care at a time when families and aging people are most in need. Her passion has spread to others and as Assisted Living Locators grows, so too does the care that families see for their aging parents.
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