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4 Essential Steps to Finding a Homecare Franchise Opportunity

It’s easy to get started when looking for a home care franchise opportunity, but it’s important, to begin with, a plan and an understanding of the process of becoming an owner. Establishing a franchise’s prospects, and connecting it to your own goals and business philosophy, is a step-by-step undertaking that requires drive and determination, in equal parts.

When reviewing home care franchise opportunities, prospective owners need to apply a specific methodology that can help them narrow their options and come to a well-reasoned, and well-researched, selection.

To accomplish this task, start with four basic questions.

  • How does the industry look?
  • Which brand is built for the future?
  • Does the franchise connect with you?
  • Ready to open your doors and start serving your clients?

Starting a franchise review with these basic questions can move a person from an interested inquirer to a new franchise owner. It prepares them for the rest of their journey by helping them establish a solid foundation on which to build their business, and it can point them to a franchise with potential, like 
Assisted Living Locators.

1. How Does the Industry Look?

The first question potential owners should ask themselves when looking at homecare franchise opportunities is a basic one, but it sets the tone for the remainder of the search and is an essential element of finding a franchise that matches their approach to doing business.

Reviewing the industries can give future owners a big-picture view of the landscape and help them determine which field has the most potential for the future. It guides all future decisions and shows them the industries that have an established track record in the past and expectations for continued expansion in the years to come.

Assisted Living Locators is part of the assisted-living industry, which has seen accelerated growth over the past five years as 
senior-care services demand has grown. And an aging population is expected to drive continued expansion for at least the next five.

The assisted-living industry is growing, and that could make Assisted Living Locators the right choice for future owners.

2. Which Brand Has Potential?

Identifying an industry with growth in the past, and projected growth in the future can help potential owners start off their search on the right foot. It can add clarity, and show them which brands are worth investigating further.

Even within a field with future potential like the assisted living industry, there will likely be a wide range of potential home care franchise opportunities and assisted living franchise prospects from which to pick. Finding the brand that speaks to them, and matches their business outlook, requires prospective owners to do some legwork and get deep in the details.

And in the details is where Assisted Living Locators is confident we’ll impress. We’ve got a franchise designed to deliver support to families when they need it most and provide an essential service that can place loved ones in the best situation for their specific needs, at no expense to the client.

Assisted Living Locators has a network of providers that helps us provide placement services that work. That could position us for future growth, and lets us lead the way in the industry.

3. Do You Connect With the Franchise?

When beginning their journey toward ownership and selecting the right assisted-living or home care franchise opportunity, many people don’t think as far ahead as to consider how they connect with the brand’s leadership. But meeting, and establishing a rapport with, senior franchise staff can be a make-or-break time for potential owners and a crucial element of the franchising experience.

Owning a franchise can be a significant step in a person’s career, and is often the beginning of a new chapter in their life. It’s the kind of milestone that calls for careful evaluation, including the way they match with the franchise they’re interested in.

Assisted Living Locators understands that folks looking into retirement and homecare franchise opportunities want to know that they’re in the company of like-minded people who share a common purpose. That’s why we make sure that every potential owner schedules a day with us, to meet our CEO and get to know the brand up close.

Connecting with our future owners is good business, and helps to ensure that our franchise owners are part of a larger team, all working to build the brand and grow our client base.

4. Ready to Open Your Doors?

After doing due diligence and getting to know the home care franchise opportunities backward and forward, prospective owners are now in the home stretch. This is the exciting time in the process, the moment when commitments are made, and the franchise opens for business.

Assisted Living Locators has worked to make opening the new location’s doors as smooth and well-considered as possible. After our owners meet with us and sign on, we work with them to prepare to start serving their client base.

Owners can operate out of their homes in many cases, which helps to keep overhead under control. And the industry has no delay requirements or moratoriums, so you can get going as soon as you join the team.

We don’t stop our support when our owners are established and operating, either. We’re there to lend a hand when a franchisee needs extra assistance, and we give owners access to ongoing social media and marketing campaigns, training, and much more.

Assisted Living Locators is ready to help our owners get their start, and we help them out when it counts.

Find Your Homecare Franchise Opportunity with Assisted Living Locators

Finding an assisted-living or homecare franchise opportunity takes a methodical, well-reasoned approach.

To give themselves the best chance to find a franchise with future prospects, potential owners should locate an industry on the rise, and select an owner-centered brand like Assisted Living Locators. It’s a step-by-step approach that can help point the way to a franchise that fits.

Assisted Living Locators is ready to grow, and we’re looking for prospective owners to join us on our journey. Want to find out more? 
Contact us today, and get started with us!

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Angela Olea is a visionary and accomplished business leader in the senior care industry. She is a respected authority on franchising, elder care and senior placement, serving as a guest speaker at state and national aging conferences. In 2019, Angela received the honor of Top 50 Most Influential Women's in Arizona and the Visionary Award from Az Business Magazine.

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