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The Assisted Living Locators Opportunity

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Assisted Living Locators pioneered the assisted living franchise placement model in 2003, and we’ve led the way ever since.

Plenty of our competitors have launched with services that mimic ours, but there is only one Assisted Living Locators. We innovated the senior care industry, and have been franchising our specialized franchise model since 2006, having opened more than 140 locations nationwide.

Take a closer look at why we’ve remained at the top of our game for 20 years!
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Our Assisted Living Franchise Model Gives Families
Compassionate Solutions for Senior Care

Our model is actually pretty simple—we help people in need of senior care solutions (and their families) find care providers who offer the specific services they require. While our name says “assisted living,” we do so much more.

Seniors have different needs and concerns, so we’ve built a comprehensive partner network nationwide to provide multi-faceted solutions for our clients and their families.

Our provider partners are fully vetted and licensed (with the exception of independent living, which requires no licensing). Our mission is to make matches between the safest, most respectful, custom care and the seniors who benefit from those providers.

All of this happens at no cost to the seniors and families, relieving perhaps the number one concern many of our clients have. Our fees are paid by the care providers whom clients eventually choose.

Heightened Need for Care in the Assisted Living Franchise Industry

The American population is aging as the largest generation, the Baby Boomers, are reaching retirement age and beyond. 

According to the World Health Organization, this isn’t just an American trait—the world’s population of older people is growing in both size and proportion of age. By 2030, 1 in 6 people will be 60 or older.

In the United States:

  • 7 out of 10 people will require some form of assisted living care in their lifetime
  • The average cost of assisted living in the U.S. is $4,300 a month.
  • The median cost of a private room at a nursing home is $9,000 a month, which makes assisted living a popular alternative

In the next 10-20 years, just shy of 1 million new assisted living units will be necessary to accommodate the growth in our country’s aging population.

Families Need More than Simple Nursing Home Placements—They Need Customized Assisted Living Franchise Solutions

At Assisted Living Locators, we don’t only find placements for seniors in elderly care homes.

In 2003, Angela Olea grew frustrated in her capacity as a registered nurse by witnessing her patients go through unnecessary hospital readmissions. She knew there were care providers from whom these patients could have received services and avoided the hospital stays if only they’d been matched in time. Those care providers would have been happy to help had they only known about the patients.

So Angela changed the assisted living franchise game by creating Assisted Living Locators, the business that makes the matches between seniors and care providers. Now, those needing elder care can find what they need without going through excess difficulty or unnecessary hospitalizations.

It’s not even about finding living solutions, though that is part of Assisted Living Locators’ family of services. It’s about finding solutions that seniors and their families feel good about, and they don’t need to pay a dime to benefit.

Does Your Assisted Living Franchise Journey Begin With Us?

We’re seeking entrepreneurs who are great at cultivating relationships, are passionate about helping others, and want to make a difference in their communities. Are you a problem solver who’s comfortable making decisions and is a dedicated life-long learner?

Then Assisted Living Locators may be perfect for you!

We’ve averaged upwards of 20 new franchise owners every year for nearly 20 years now to become one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchises for five years running. We’ve also been named to the magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Franchises in 2020, and 2021.

In addition, Franchise Dictionary has named us among their Top 100 Game Changers for 2019, 2020, and 2021.

We are an assisted living franchise on the rise. If you match the qualities of our best franchise owners above, then we’d love you to join our franchise family!
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