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What Entrepreneurs Franchise Owners Learned Along the Way

When you’ve spent your life developing your leadership and business chops, it can make sense to look for an entrepreneurs franchise to join. Franchise ownership can help you grow as an individual and a manager, and it can be the right move to send your career to the next level.

As with any significant life change, it’s best to learn as much as possible about owning a business before connecting with an entrepreneurs franchise. Testimonials from current franchise owners can help guide you toward the best franchises to own, and that’s why we’ve reached out to Assisted Living Locator owners to get the facts and some essential advice on moving into an ownership role.

  • Find a Franchise That Supports You
  • Look for a Brand That Reflects Your Values
  • Be Part of Something Special
  • Join a Brand That Lets You Utilize Your Skills

1. Find an Entrepreneurs Franchise That Supports You

Making the transition from worker to owner can be an exhilarating time. Still, to someone unfamiliar with the experience, it can also present them with various choices and challenges.

An entrepreneurs franchise can help a new owner navigate these unfamiliar waters. A well-designed and owner-focused brand understands the need for robust support at all process steps. It’s there alongside the owner when they need extra knowledge and backing to continue their journey with confidence in themselves and the brand.

Ongoing Support Can Be Critical to Long-Term Growth

Getting brand support matters, and it can be as crucial later down the road as it is at the beginning of the franchising experience. Franchise owner Ed W. credits Assisted Living Locator’s support approach as a cornerstone of his business:

“Assisted Living Locators gave me a game plan, training, and the necessary support that is so critical in the starting phase . . . After five successful years in my market, I still get support when I need it, but I can make my own decisions that affect my local business.”

2. Look For an Entrepreneurs Franchise That Reflects Your Values

Every person has their take on operating a business and a way of working that they’ve developed over their lives. They build their approach to customer care, integrity, and responsible practices through experience and bedrock principles.

It’s natural to want to carry those same fundamental beliefs in ethics and fair business to ownership. Taking the time to identify the entrepreneurs franchise that shares their attitudes and has incorporated them into their structure can be the key to a long and happy partnership.

Teamwork and Synergy Help Owners Build Their Business

 Teaming with a franchise places new owners in a representative role as the face of the brand, and the closer they align with how the franchise treats its employees and clients, the more productive the partnership can be. It’s part of what Chrissy M. loves about being an owner with Assisted Living Locators and its CEO, Angela Olea:

“Angela’s vision and mission, her integrity, and how she handles the company really aligned with my own values. Finding this perfect opportunity was really exciting for me!”

3. Be Part of Something Special

Why do people go into business and look to become owners in an entrepreneurs franchise? Every new owner has their reasons and motivations, but many want to make a difference in their clients’ lives and join a brand that wants to improve the world around them.

Being part of a business that always thinks about its place in the community and strives to create positive experiences for the folks it serves can make the ownership experience more satisfying and fulfilling. It can make going to work a joy and give owners a foundation of purpose.

Look for a Brand with Passion and Heart

For prospective owners, finding a franchise with a civic spirit can elevate their lives. For Assisted Living Locators franchise owner Arlene C., it’s a fundamental aspect of working with her brand and gives her time running her franchise extra meaning:

“Thank you, Angela, for pursuing your dream and sharing with me the opportunity to become part of the Assisted Living Locators’ family of wonderful franchisees!”

4. You've Built a Lifetime of Skills — Connect with an Entrepreneurs Franchise That Lets You Utilize Them!

Franchise ownership is a personal process shaped and informed by the people involved. Each owner comes to the table with skills built through hard work, persistence, and inclination, and teaming with a brand that allows them to tap into and grow those talents can be both satisfying and good for franchise growth.

It’s Business 101 — if you want your career to meet your goals, find a field and company that helps you do what you’re best at and engages you every day to aid you in developing those abilities.

Does the Business Model Work Well with Your Approach?

Potential owners should dig into the franchise that interests them to ensure they fit the business. This way of matching with the brand helped Dustin B. connect with Assisted Living Locators and let him put his experience to work:

“My journey began when I enlisted in the United States Army as a combat medic. After caring for my fellow soldiers on and off the battlefield, I came back to my home state and began to work as a caregiver . . . I decided to step into the role of Assisted Living Locators franchise owner to provide care and guidance to seniors and families in my community.”

Become an Entrepreneurs Franchise Owner with Assisted Living Locators!

At Assisted Living Locators, joining us means teaming up with a business that supports owners and the communities around us. We believe in providing ethical, life-changing care and giving our owners the tools for growth.

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Angela Olea

Angela Olea is a visionary and accomplished business leader in the senior care industry. She is a respected authority on franchising, elder care and senior placement, serving as a guest speaker at state and national aging conferences. In 2019, Angela received the honor of Top 50 Most Influential Women's in Arizona and the Visionary Award from Az Business Magazine.

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