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The Assisted Living Locators Franchise and You

Everyone wants to enjoy a full, rich life, and where they live can significantly impact that goal.

Assisted Living Locators franchise owners can be part of that process.

The Assisted Living Locators franchise provides an essential service to this country's growing senior population and anyone who needs expert guidance on independent retirement options.

It's a franchise approach designed to deliver quality results to seniors and their families and can help them find solutions in difficult times. Ownership can be a good fit for those looking to impact their community.

1. What's the Assisted Living Locators' Business Model?

Deciding on long-term care for a loved one can be challenging for a family needing senior-care placement.

Most families want to find assisted living facilities that provide top-of-the-line services while keeping in mind the individual preferences of the person in need of support.

Financial concerns are also often a factor — they hope to make the best possible decisions for the patient's happiness and welfare without dealing with placement fees, referral fees, or other cost issues.

Keeping the Burden Off Families

The Assisted Living Locators franchise model was built to assist people with their needs.

Assisted Living Locators home franchise works with a network of facilities that meet our strict standards for superior care, and we ensure that every one of them provides compassionate service and a dedication to helping seniors and anyone else in need of assistance.

Franchising With an Eye on Financial Issues

And we handle the financial concerns to help keep the cost away from our clients.

We negotiate a fee with the facilities so clients get referral fees paid without them having to spend a dime.

It's a way of operating that helps Assisted Living Locators stand apart from other related services in the industry.

2. How Many Assisted Living Locators Franchise Locations Are There?

At Assisted Living Locators, our client-first business model has enabled us to make a real difference in people's lives.

It's good business and the right approach to the industry.

A Growing Franchise

Targeted client care is also one of the keys to our growth as a franchise that offers ideal alternative living solutions.

More than 100 Assisted Living Locators locations are open and helping clients across the country today, and we're excited for our future as a brand.

New Franchise Opportunities Each Day

Assisted Living Locators has big plans for our business and the placement services industry.

We're on the move and ready to expand, and we're looking for potential franchise owners who want to partner with us and help families get access to the care their loved ones deserve.

Discover the Assisted Living Locators' franchising difference for yourself!

3. How Does the Assisted Living Locators Franchise Help Communities?

Communities can be crucial to the family.

Having a network of support around them helps people with issues large and small. In the modern world, those connections can be more critical than ever.

Assisted Living Locators is an organization designed to strengthen and reinforce the bonds that assist people in their daily lives.

Essential Care and Meaningful Support

We believe in the power of the community and work each day to deliver franchise services that best support it.

Assisted Living Locators views providing quality senior care placement as vital to our clients. It's a critical service that touches the lives of entire families.

The Personal Touch

The senior population in this country is growing along with the industry, and Assisted Living Locators has designed our business to aid them in placing them in the homes that suit them best.

Choosing to become a franchise owner with Assisted Living Locators offers you the chance to be part of the foundations of the community.

4. What Kind of Startup Costs Can I Expect?

When a person considers becoming part of the Assisted Living Locators franchise, the way the brand changes the industry is a likely factor.

But aiding seniors and operating franchises that make assistance a brand pillar is just part of the story for many.

Senior Care Franchise Cost

Startup costs, royalty fee concerns, and other financial matters can all play a part in the decision-making process for a person considering owning a franchise.

That's why Assisted Living Locators has designed our franchise fee structure to help get things up and operating in just a few short weeks at as low a cost as possible.

A Flexible Franchise Approach

Our franchise disclosure document was created to lay out the Assisted Living Locators franchise costs and answer any questions for people looking into franchise ownership.

Franchise location can affect the minimum royalty fee and other considerations, and we work to ensure that every owner can get their business running as soon as possible and at the lowest possible costs. We built flexibility into our franchise.

5. How Does the Assisted Living Locators Franchise Support Our Owners?

The assisted-living industry is a growth business with a promising future, and someone thinking about ownership should think about the long term when they look into franchises.

Part of that future is the franchise aid they can count on when running their business.

What to Expect

Assisted Living Locators makes owner support a priority from day one.

Every person who signs with us gets our help selecting from our protected territories to avoid cut-throat competition and give them the advantage of a single territory per owner.

Integrated Network and Comprehensive Training

Each owner also gets training and one-on-one coaching designed to get them up to speed on the latest industry developments and how we do things at Assisted Living Locators.

And we ensure they get marketing assistance and access to our proprietary ALL-IN network to keep them connected to the newest technology and training.

Become an Assisted Living Locators Franchise Owner!

At Assisted Living Locators, we've made owner support and community care part of marketing our brand.

Want more details on how we're working to lead the industry?

Contact us today!

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