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Owning a Senior Housing Business Makes a Home Sweet Home

Assisted Living Locators works every day to deliver quality care, both in-home and in facilities, for the seniors and other clients with care needs who come to us. And we’ve developed our senior housing business to provide them with a trusted partner who’s ready to assist them when they need it most. It’s all part of every day when you own one of our franchises.

A Senior Housing Business for Tomorrow

At Assisted Living Locators, we understand that everyone wants to know they’ve got a home, someplace that’s equipped and ready to help them live their best lives. It’s been our guiding principle since we got our start almost two decades ago, and it’s helped us create a senior housing business franchise model centered around our mission of finding our clients their ideal living situation. Owning an Assisted Living Locators means becoming part of a brand that gives back to the communities where we live and work.

A Business Based on Owner Support

Becoming a franchise owner with Assisted Living Locators places you in a senior housing business that’s designed to aid the people who own it. We believe in the owners we work with, and we’ve developed our support approach to assist them in their daily operations.

It begins with a 5-day course, either in person at a flagship location or via remote training, that puts you in the owner’s seat and gets you familiar with the way Assisted Living Locators runs. We make sure you learn the ins and outs of the business before you start, with hands-on lessons, real-life issues, and an immersive approach that works to maximize your education and optimize your time.

It’s a take on the senior housing business that’s helped us become one of the new movers in the industry. And that’s only the start of the support we provide our owners.

  • Leverage our marketing and advertising campaigns to help you establish yourself in your community.
  • Identify potential clients through a national lead-generation program designed to connect you with the people who need your services.
  • Work with the respected and in-demand senior housing development companies in our private network of care providers and facilities.
  • Get your fees from the facilities, not your clients, to help reduce their concerns during a difficult period.
  • Help every client find the Home Sweet Home they deserve.

Our owners are the heart of our operation at Assisted Living Locators. We work every day to help them build the brand, and our technology package is designed to provide them with the key tools for growth.

The Assisted Living Locators Integrated Network (ALL-IN) was built from the ground up to support our owners through easy-use, easy-access systems that can be an invaluable aid from day one. Centralized data-sharing, training videos, placement tools, business intelligence and analytics, and other essential aspects of the senior placement industry are at your fingertips. It’s a constantly evolving, and fundamental, part of our brand.

Assisted Living Locators wants our owners to have everything they need to develop the business and their franchise. It guides our support philosophy and helps drive our growth as a company.

Our Quick-Start System puts you in front of 50 care facilities and in-home service providers within a few weeks of signing with us, to get you critical experience and smooth your entry as an owner.

The ALL-IN system gathers the modern senior-placement toolkit in a centralized hub and puts our accumulated experience just a few mouse clicks away at all times. Access training, daily forms, client-matching applications, and other must-haves for the business in one place.

Begin your owner experience in style, with an intensive and immersive 5-day training course. Learn the key lessons of the business from experts with decades of experience, and start with a solid foundation.

Keep the training going when you open your doors. Every senior housing business owner with Assisted Living Locators gets 13 weeks of one-on-one, personalized coaching to develop your franchise and establish yourself in your market. We’ll keep up the support and ongoing training after that period as well, with team consults and meetings whenever you need a hand or an expert opinion.

Make technology your partner with the ALL-IN system. We’ve created a technology suite that utilizes the lessons we’ve learned through our time in the industry, and deliver them to our owners. Get training, client-matching assistance, staff and form management, and much more, in a convenient and ever-evolving package.

Work for your clients without having to worry about intra-brand competition. Assisted Living Locators grants exclusive territory rights to every owner, so you can concentrate on the people you serve.

How Assisted Living Locators Works

At Assisted Living Locators, we’re working to build the future of the senior housing business. We recognize that everyone has different needs, and built our franchise model to deliver the right care for each client, every time.

How do we provide the ideal living situation for every client? It’s thanks to our flexible business model and extensive connections within the assisted-living industry.

We’re the right destination for all kinds of clients, from those who are looking for in-home care to people who need more comprehensive assistance.

We work with a range of providers, including:

  • Assisted-Living Communities
  • Senior Apartments/ Independent Living
  • In-Home Care
  • Assisted-Living Homes
  • Personal and Adult-Care Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Memory Care, and Alzheimer’s Communities

Here’s What to Expect

Assisted Living Locators has developed our senior housing business to be the right choice for seniors looking for their Home Sweet Home. It’s a franchise designed for modern ownership.

You’ll be assisting your clients through one of the most critical points in their lives, and you’ll be part of a brand that values expert support and has a vision for what's next for the industry.

Want to get more details on how to start a senior housing business with Assisted Living Locators? Let’s start a conversation today!

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Angela Olea is a visionary and accomplished business leader in the senior care industry. She is a respected authority on franchising, elder care and senior placement, serving as a guest speaker at state and national aging conferences. In 2019, Angela received the honor of Top 50 Most Influential Women's in Arizona and the Visionary Award from Az Business Magazine.

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