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A Modern Alternative to a Nursing Home Franchise

As they age, many people require daily care of some level to help them live their best lives. In the past, a nursing home franchise would likely be the option many would pick.

Times are changing, though. Today, the potential owner has more than nursing home franchise opportunities to consider when they want to become part of the industry and a more robust and flexible business they can join.

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For clients looking to place themselves or a loved one in a place where they can get the assistance they need, having a network of facilities from which to select can be essential. It expands possible options and can add variety and choice.

Every person wants to find the place that suits them best. When they work with a nursing home franchise, however, their options can be restricted to the franchise locations.

A Family of Facilities

An assisted-living placement service operates differently than a nursing home franchise. Rather than representing a single brand or facility, they can work with any or all of them, to create a modern, expanding network of facilities ready to aid the client.

It’s a forward-thinking way of operating that can allow an assisted-living placement brand to more conscientiously serve their clients, and open up new potential avenues of care for them.

Cost to Client

One of the primary concerns for many clients in need of daily care is the expense associated with getting set up in their new living situation. It’s only natural to worry about money issues during a life transition, and it can be a key factor for them.

Nursing home franchise costs can intimidate some people and might prevent them from seeking more suitable arrangements. That’s where assisted-living placement can step up.

No Placement Fees

Because an assisted-living placement franchise operates independently, it can negotiate with the facilities on behalf of the client with full transparency and no conflict of interest. That lets them move the placement fees to the facilities, and leave the client free of obligation.

Making lifestyle changes can be a difficult period for a client in need of personal care. Keeping placement fees away from them helps keep the burden as low as possible.


When a client goes to a nursing home franchise, they want to receive quality service at all points in their experience. Unfortunately, the nature of the nursing-home industry can result in fragmented or uneven care.

A nursing home is a multi-faceted business, with a broad range of duties and responsibilities, from placement and admittance to medical and administrative care. That many moving parts can lead to staff with various levels of training and experience.

The Assisted Living Placement Difference

That’s not the way an assisted-living placement brand works. This kind of franchise is dedicated to a single purpose — helping clients find the best place for them to get the care they want and deserve.

It’s a way of operating designed to keep our expertise central and our knowledge base growing, and it allows us to devote ourselves to serving our clients with dedication and an understanding of how to best deliver results.

Flexible Placement

Some things change with the times, but some stay the same. No two people are the same, and a one-size-fits-all living solution might not be the best option for everyone.

That can make an assisted-living placement brand a smart choice for a future owner who wants to be part of an industry that has built-in flexibility a nursing home franchise might not have. It can let them locate care outside of the usual, and help clients identify the alternative right for them.

Options for Every Need

Assisted living placement can give clients any number of different living options. Here are just some of the top ones.

  • Alzheimer’s and memory-care communities
  • Personal and adult-care homes
  • In-home care
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted-living communities
  • Senior apartments / independent living

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. An assisted-living placement brand can bring that flexibility to bear for every person they work with.

Brand Support

A prospective assisted-living placement brand owner is at the forefront of the industry and is built to provide crucial care to the communities where they set up shop. And they don’t have to do it by themselves.

When an owner joins an assisted-living placement brand, they become part of the family and can expect to get back from the franchise at every step of their journey.

Training and Expert Assistance

Every owner should plan on working closely with the brand to help them set up their network and connect them with facilities within it, from nursing home franchise participation to at-home care. But that’s just the beginning.

Once the business is up and running, the brand acts as an ongoing trainer and support knowledge base, and should be ready to lend a hand whenever the owner has an issue or question. It’s all part of operating in today’s business climate.

Thinking About Nursing Home Franchise Ownership? Consider Assisted Living Locators Instead!

If you’ve been considering franchise ownership and are interested in joining a business dedicated to delivering essential services to your clients when they need you most, Assisted Living Locators might be the right fit for your interests.

We’ve been leading the industry for decades and have the expertise and experience needed to serve our clients with integrity and honesty. And we embrace the future, with an integrated technology network and a suite of powerful tools to aid you in finding the ideal location for each person in your care.

Assisted Living Locators is excited for what’s to come, and we’re preparing to expand into new territories.
Want to find out more details? Contact us today!

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