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Why Home Care Franchises are Rising in Popularity

Discover how Assisted Living Locators is leading the way in Home Care Franchises, adapting to an aging population without burdening clients with costs. A business model built for growth and compassionate care.

Key Points:

  • 📈 Growing Demand: Home care franchises are increasingly popular due to an aging population, especially baby boomers.
  • 🏡 Aging Population: By 2030, the demand for home care in the U.S. is expected to rise by up to 75%.
  • 📊 Industry Growth: The home care industry, worth over $120 billion, is expanding with an annual growth rate exceeding 3.1%.
  • 🚀 Expansion and Innovation: Assisted Living Locators is growing its franchise to meet the rising demand for varied care levels.
  • 🏥 Variety of Services: Offers a wide range of care options, including in-home care, assisted living, and specialized facilities.
  • 💸 Cost-Free Services to Clients: Assisted Living Locators eliminates client fees, negotiating costs with facilities instead.
  • 🌟 Franchise Opportunities: The franchise model supports expansion and client-centered services, seeking new franchise owners.

Today, home care franchises like Assisted Living Locators are gaining recognition as a smart option for clients in need of compassionate, ethical advocacy as they experience a transition in their lives. We have a new approach to finding the ideal living situation for the people we serve, and it’s helping us grow into a leader in our industry.

It’s not by accident that we’ve become a trusted name in home care franchises, either. We’ve built our brand to fit modern clients’ needs, and to be flexible enough to adjust to the new reality across the industry.

An Aging Population

Home care franchises are serving a larger percentage of the population than they did just a few years ago.

Why is the pool of potential clients growing by the day? It’s thanks to generational patterns, especially those of the boomer generation, that make an assisted living franchise a smart choice for many future owners.

The baby boomers, the generation born between 1945 and 1964, are now entering their senior years. By 2030, the number of Americans in need of home care of some kind is expected to 
increase by as much as 75%, and to continue to climb in the succeeding years.

It’s not just aging that’s expected to become a bigger part of the population in the years ahead — more adults are divorced now than in previous generations, and that’s projected to lead to greater numbers of single households in need of home healthcare.

That’s where home care franchises like Assisted Living Locators come in. We’re expanding along with our clientele to help place them where they’ll be best served and can live their best lives. It’s a responsibility and privilege we’re honored to work to live up to every day.

A Growing Industry

The aging baby boomer population has helped make Assisted Living Locators’ home care franchises a business on the rise. And they’re just one of the factors that are driving growth across the industry.

Home care providers have been part of the larger health industry for as long as people have required assistance in their daily lives. And today, the field is expanding and has become an industry of its own.

Home health franchises, and the home care provider's industry at large, are big business in the U.S., with a market of 
more than $120 billion and annual growth rates in excess of 3.1% and climbing.

The future is expected to see continued development, as changes to Medicare and Medicaid 
stimulate activity in the industry and generate the need for additional facilities and providers. Demand for care is expected to increase as well, at all levels.

Assisted Living Locators has long recognized the industry trends, and we’ve developed our home care franchises to meet that demand.

Different Levels of Care and Housing

The landscape for assisted living and personal care has changed over the past few decades. More and more, people want to remain in their homes after they begin to need aid with their daily lives.

Home care isn’t the only part of the industry that’s been expanding over the past years. As more work has been done on studying aging populations and medical science has advanced, specialized facilities have sprung up to address the specific needs of certain groups.

Home care franchises like Assisted Living Locators have grown alongside the medical community, and we work with different communities and facilities to get our clients the best care for their condition.

Care options and services include independent living/senior apartments, assisted-living homes and communities, personal and adult care homes, Alzheimer’s and memory care communities, in-home care, and nursing homes, to name just a few.

We assess every person and determine the type of housing, level of care, and any additional services they might need, and use that information to help get them where they should be. We understand the levels within the home-care business and put our expertise to work for our clients.

Removing Costs from the Client

One of the key concerns of many clients in need of home care services is the potential cost, and with good reason. Medical issues in the U.S. can lead to additional expenses in a person’s daily life at a time when they’re hoping to reduce burdens.

Home care franchises like Assisted Living Locators were built to provide clients with new options that don’t come with a price tag. We keep costs away from the people we serve, and that’s helped us grow into an industry leader.

Our clients don’t deal with placement fees or other costs associated with the care business. Instead, we work with the facilities to negotiate our fees, not the families. We’ve developed a network of providers across the country to help us do so.

It’s an innovative take on the industry, which places the client ahead of the provider, the way it should be.

Our way of operating helps our clients stay focused on the things that matter, and lets us deliver meaningful care during the potential stress of a transitional point in a loved one’s life. We love what we do, and we’re working every day on behalf of the people we represent.

Learn About Owning Home Care Franchises with Assisted Living Locators

Today’s home health services reach further than ever before, and the overall industry is growing to meet increasing demand. Assisted Living Locators is part of that growth and is driving changes within the business.

Our franchise model is designed to take the fee burden off our clients and put them in their best living situation, and we back up our franchise owners with expertise and the kind of support they need to develop the brand.

Assisted Living Locators is getting ready to bring our revolutionary take on the home care industry to new territories, and we’re on the lookout for potential owners to come with us.

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