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Finding Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

As a military veteran, you’ve dedicated a portion of your life to defending your neighbors, communities, and country. That kind of service should be recognized and supported, and well-designed franchise opportunities for veterans can provide the tools to do so.

Some brands understand the benefits working with veterans can bring to their business. Military experience helps instill discipline, dedication, and strategic thinking, all qualities that can serve well when running a franchise.

How do former service members go about finding the best franchise for veterans?

It starts by looking over industries to find one with future prospects. The brand that prospective owners select should be well-connected and poised for growth. And the franchise model, and owner support, need to be geared to aid veterans as they work toward their future.

Veterans have placed their fellow citizens first in their lives. It makes sense for them to look for veterans’ franchise opportunities that work to give a little back to those people who have made the nation’s safety their top priority.


When looking over potential franchise opportunities for veterans, the first priority should be business viability. That’s a universal concern and needs to take priority no matter the field.

Industry health can be a window into the brand — past performance should be consistent, and projected future expansion is crucial. Has the industry been growing? What about the next few years?

When it comes to growth, the assisted living industry stands out as a business with potential.

The U.S. is currently experiencing a surge in demand for senior-care services, thanks to the Baby Boomer generation moving into retirement age. The number of adults aged 65 or older is expected to continue increasing as a population percentage, and industry revenue is forecast to rise alongside that growing need for care and facilities.

That kind of industry development can make an assisted-living business a great option for someone in search of franchise opportunities for veterans.


Modern brands that are positioned for future growth often share some common features. One of them — having a well-established network around them — can be a promising signal to a potential owner looking at veterans’ franchise opportunities.

Every business, no matter the field, can benefit from being part of a developed and strategically sound network.

In the case of an assisted-living placement franchise, that network is the group of care facilities and services that work with the brand to find each client their ideal situation. Industry knowhow, and understanding the business inside and out are essential elements, and can play a large role in establishing and building an effective network.

And networking can be especially crucial when working with placement — the more facilities a brand is connected to, the more options and range of services it can provide to its clients.

Before moving forward with franchise opportunities for veterans, a look at the network should be a priority for any potential owner. It can help filter the selections to the most likely ones, and point the way toward a brand with promise.

The Franchise Model is Key When Looking for the Best Franchise for Veterans

After reviewing the industry, and getting an idea of the kind of network a brand has, the search for the right franchise opportunities for veterans should have narrowed. Now, prospective owners can start drilling down into the businesses themselves.

Once a person begins to consider individual brands, the concept behind the business, and the way they operate, can take center stage.

Understanding the franchise model helps a future owner learn the ins and outs of the brand. For people looking into assisted-living franchises, that means getting to know the approach the brand takes with its clients.

Working in assisted living placement means working ethically and with the client’s best interests always in mind. It’s important that franchises take that responsibility to heart, and make sure they can provide that kind of meaningful support at all times.

It’s important for a brand to recognize the crucial role they play in their clients’ lives at a critical moment. Finding a franchise that does so, and works to move the industry forward while serving the people who come to them with integrity and honesty, can connect veterans with a business that reflects their own belief in service.

How we Support Veterans to Get a Senior Care Franchise

Looking through the franchise opportunities for veterans and selecting one that makes ethical care a priority can help a prospective owner as they prepare to become their own boss. And that client-first way of working should be paired with a belief in the people who operate the business.

Robust and ongoing support can be an invaluable aspect of a growing franchise. Having the right support can help veterans move from worker to owner with a minimum of concerns, and provide a solid foundation they can build the brand upon.

Franchise support should be for a lifetime, and it needs to begin from the moment a future owner reaches out to the brand.

Make sure the franchise is ready to lend a hand through the onboarding process. They should help with the build out, equipment, hiring, and training, and should be ready to address any other startup issues that might arise.

Support shouldn’t end when the location opens its doors, either. Make sure the brand provides continuing support in the form of technology updates, training refreshers, and assistance with the everyday concerns of running a franchise.

Find Franchise Opportunities for Veterans with Assisted Living Locators

At Assisted Living Locators, we’ve built a brand designed for growth in the modern business world.

We’re in an expanding industry, with a network of facilities that’s growing every day. Our franchise model aims to place every client where they’re best suited, and we’ve negotiated our placement fees with the facilities, not the families. Our services are free to our clients, allowing us to deliver essential support when they need it most.

And we work to provide the same kind of support to our owners. We welcome veterans, and are always ready to step in and lend them a hand, or provide expert backing whenever they ask for the assist.

Assisted Living Locators is preparing to expand into new territories, and we’re looking for veterans interested in joining us and becoming part of a critical community service.

Want to find out more? Contact us today!

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