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Business Opportunities Near Me: The Assisted Living Locators Difference

A quick search for “business opportunities near me” can put a potential franchise owner on the path to finding a brand that operates in tune with their business approach. It’s also where Assisted Living Locators stands out as a business with potential.

Here are just some of what makes Assisted Living Locators the right choice for many future owners looking for “business opportunities near me.”

Ethics and Professionalism

Anyone hunting for “business opportunities near me” is probably familiar with the commercial world already, and understands how important having and sticking to strict standards for care can be. 

Clients often have a wide range of options, and they naturally want to find the one that gives them the highest level of service, and which has a code of conduct that places them first, last, and always. That can drive customer loyalty, help spread word of mouth, and most importantly is the right way to treat people, no matter the situation.

Superior Care

Professional behavior and impeccable ethical standards are particularly essential in the assisted-living placement industry, and that’s why Assisted Living Locators has made serving our clients with honesty and integrity our daily mission.

We work to be more than “business opportunities near me” — we’ve built a brand that keeps the focus on delivering quality results to every client, every time.

A Growing Market

For people searching for “business opportunities near me”, finding a franchise that makes professionalism its key concern can take them a long way toward ownership. Ethical considerations should be paired with an eye for business, though, and that can make the potential market a factor as well.

The existing market, and where it’s likely headed in the future, can be of crucial interest to a future owner. There needs to be a large enough population of potential clients to make ownership worthwhile, and the coming years should see growth in that pool of possible customers.

An Aging Country

Market growth places Assisted Living Locators right where the action is, and where it’s expected to stay for many years.

The U.S. is an aging country, with a large population of Baby Boomers moving into their senior years. Over the next few decades, the percentage of older Americans is expected to continue to increase, making senior placement services like those offered by Assisted Living Locators one of the rare “business investment opportunities near me” that could become more central to life as time goes on.

Built-In Fee Structure

Tapping “business opportunities near me” into a search engine can only get you so far, of course. Just as important can be questions about the actions the franchise takes to help their clients, and the way they work to make the customer’s life easier.

What does the brand do to aid its client base? For Assisted Living Locators, it comes down to a business model that keeps customer interests in mind at all times and aims to remove financial concerns from the process.

Easing Worry in Times of Stress

Finding the right living situation for a loved one can be a difficult experience, even in the best of times. It’s the wrong moment to have to think about cost and fees on top of everything else.

That’s why Assisted Living Locators has developed our franchise around the concept of keeping expenses away from the client. We negotiate our fees with the facilities themselves, not the families — it helps to simplify placement for the customer, without concerning themselves with money matters.

Established Facilities Network

Assisted Living Locators’ fee structure can make clients’ experiences with us less complicated and more positive, and it’s thanks to the network of facilities we’ve cultivated over time. It helps make us a smart option for a potential owner in search of “business opportunities near me.”

In today’s business world, having a network behind the brand can be crucial, especially in healthcare-related industries like assisted-living placement. A robust and varied facilities network can give a franchise a deep pool of options for their clients, and aid them in delivering quality care to every person they serve.

The Right Placement for Each Client

Here are just some of the placement options within our extensive, country-wide network of care facilities.

  • Assisted living
  • Independent living
  • Nursing homes
  • Care homes
  • Memory care 
  • In-home service

All of the facilities we work with meet our exacting standards, and are dedicated to delivering quality living experiences for everyone that comes to them. We’re proud of the network we’ve created and are working every day to keep it growing and leading the field.


Ethics, market, fees, and network have all helped to make Assisted Living Locators a top result for people hunting for “business opportunities near me.” And it’s the people behind the brand that plays the biggest role in keeping us operating and growing.

Assisted living placement takes an understanding of the fundamentals of the business. It also requires expertise, and knowledge of the ins and outs of client service and the best ways to deliver the ideal situation to every person we serve.

Background and Passion

At Assisted Living Locators, we believe in the people we work with. We’ve been in the industry going on two decades, and in that time, we’ve developed a franchise model built for modern service, backed by a passion for the business.

We’ve streamlined our care and eliminated anything our clients shouldn’t have to deal with. Our experience guides our brand growth and allows us to provide clear, focused assistance to our customers in trying moments in their lives.

Looking for "Business Opportunities Near Me"? Connect with Assisted Living Locators!

Assisted Living Locators has built a franchise devoted to getting our clients where they need to be, with a network behind us and a team with the expertise and dedication to making it happen.

At Assisted Living Locators, we’re preparing to expand into new territories again, and we’re looking for future owners to join us.

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Angela Olea is a visionary and accomplished business leader in the senior care industry. She is a respected authority on franchising, elder care and senior placement, serving as a guest speaker at state and national aging conferences. In 2019, Angela received the honor of Top 50 Most Influential Women's in Arizona and the Visionary Award from Az Business Magazine.

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